Marc Nadal » “The Loss of the Body” Finalist in the 10th International Youth Film Festival Light Of The World (Russia)

“The Loss of the Body” Finalist in the 10th International Youth Film Festival Light Of The World (Russia)

The feature film “The Loss of the Body” is a Finalist in the 10th edition of the International “Strong” - Youth Film Festival Light Of The World, which takes place in the Yaroslavl region (Russia).
60355285_1847742021992386_6826530726612041728_oLast edition was held in Vympel recreation center in Rybinsk. The guests of the festival were representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, all over the Russian Federation. The best creative teams from Rybinsk presented their achievements to the public. The opening speech was made by the head of the education department of Rybinsk city district Rimma Alexandrovna Bryadovaya and the head of the culture department of Rybinsk city district Marina Konstantinovna Voronina as well as the dean of Rybinsk city district Archpriest Dionisy Rostopchin.
60348078_851646011861468_4061191130862059520_oThe organizers of the 10th Festival: MOUDO dyuc “Yaroslavich” (Yaroslavl); Orthodox Information Agency “Russkaya Letopis” (Yaroslavl, Russia), OOO “Producer Tsentr kinodvor (Yaroslavl); the Center of “Sunny” (Rybinsk); gallery of modern Orthodox art and painting “Under the blessed cover of” (Uglich).
The festival is carried out with the support of the Department of Education and Culture of the city of Yaroslavl, the administration of Yaroslavl region, the state, commercial and public structures as well as the mass media.
61207167_859380354421367_4054889095283867648_oThe aim of the festival is to promote spiritual, moral, patriotic, artistic and aesthetic education of modern youth.
The Selection Committee makes a preliminary selection, as a result of which the films of high technical and artistic level, corresponding to the goals and objectives of the Festival, go to the final.
The Festival will take place in Yaroslavl, Rybinsk and Uglich. Competitive films will be screened in other cities of Yaroslavl region.
BODY LOSS>/strong>, documentary film about multiple sclerosis.
Made with the support of BIOCAD company.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Length: 90 min.
Country: Russia.
Genre: Documentary.


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