Marc Nadal » ‘The loss of the body’ Trailer, a multiple sclerosis documentary.

‘The loss of the body’ Trailer, a multiple sclerosis documentary.

Multiple sclerosis documentary film.
With the support of the company BIOCAD.
Directed by: Marc Nadal.
Country: Russia.
Runtime: 65 min.
Genre: Documentary.

ПОТЕРЯ ТЕЛА (The loss of the body), it’s a documentary film about multiple sclerosis, that reflects the physical and psychological struggle that the patients suffer daily. Step by step, we must accept the disease, combat it giving importance to physical exercise and overcoming attitude.
On September 14 an hour of the documentary of ‘The loss of the body’ was screened during the third RUCTRIMS congress: «MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND OTHER DEMYELINATING DISEASES», a prestigious medicine and research congress focused on the treatment of sclerosis multiple held in Ekaterinburg.
the-loss-of-the-body-documentary-541 What can I do? How to accept it? These are questions that both patients ask themselves throughout the documentary. Years ago it was said that no one could overcome multiple sclerosis.
The loss of the body it’s the story of a patient who faces a theater play, despite the fact the symptoms of the disease, and another patient who tries to recover the control of his body, while he is wants to run 1 km.
With the help of a doctor specialized in multiple sclerosis, both patients try to overcome the disease, face the symptoms, depression, etc … searching positive emotions and a positive methodology for their lives.
The feature film was filmed with the support of the Pharmaceutical Biocad, and is dedicated to all Multiple Sclerosis patients and family members.
The shooting was done thanks to:
Sivertseva Stella Anatolyevna, Kuklev Dmitry Alexandrovich, Zakharov Stepan Dmitrievich, Boyko Alexey Nikolaevich, Artemieva Liliya Boleslavovna, Rizepova Evilina Takhirovna.

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