“Donde no puedes llegar” Sección Oficial de la IX edición CortoDino – Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio Dino De Laurentiis (Italia).

Donde no puedes llegar” forma parte de la Sección Oficial de la IX edición de CortoDino – Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio Dino De Laurentiis, que tendrá lugar del 25 al 29 de Noviembre del 2019. En solo 63 días, se recibieron 3065 películas, estableciendo así el nuevo record de registros. Las obras proceden de 115 países del mundo. La mayor participación provino de Italia (501 películas), Irán (255), India (183), EE. UU. (173), Francia (161), Brasil (139), Rusia (121) y España (108) y así sucesivamente.
The Esseoesse Cultural Association announces the competition “CortoDino - International Film Festival Dino De Laurentiis - VIII Edition”.The Giorgio De Chirico Secondary School of Art and Communication, the other secondary schools of Torre Annunziata and the Vesuvian area, the main cultural associations and the Proloco of the Vesuvian and Campanian area will collaborate in the event.
img_0194The competition came about from the desire to remember and celebrate, in his hometown and in terms not only commemorative, but proactive, the figure and the work of Dino De Laurentiis. The main objective of the initiative is therefore to create an opportunity for meeting, debate and awareness of young filmmakers who enter the cinema landscape, in which the influence left by the illustrious Torrese has certainly been significant, while at the same time promoting cinematographic culture through the research and promotion of works by talents from Campania, and also national and international.
The presence of the world of associations and that of the school is the clearest sign of the purpose of connecting in particular with the world of young people.
ipremiotalentocampano_valeriovestoso_tacco12_3The Esseoesse association dedicates the IX edition of Cortodino FF to the anniversary of an event that will remain forever in the memory of humanity: 50 years ago, Man (in his American version) put his foot on the surface for the first time of the moon. With a single step centuries of emotions, dreams, mysteries and hopes were erased. The man showed the universe that he could at least try the conquest. The abundant century of cinema life has certainly not been immune to the charm of the planet Earth satellite and the films that tell of journeys (dreamed, realized or only hypothesized) on the lunar surface are an infinite host.
inaugurazioneOur pale and silvery satellite will therefore be the theme that will accompany the ninth edition of Cortodino Film Festival, in an imaginary journey from Méliès to Kubrick through screenings, meetings and many other events. Because if it is true that cinema is the “dream factory”, we think that the tender unforgettable image of that flying bicycle with a child and a small extraterrestrial passing in front of a splendid full moon will make us dream for a long time to come.


Una producción de Turkana Films.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Protagonizado por Assumpta Serna, Aida Oset, Silvia Puyol y Carlos Reyes.
Productor ejecutivo: Félix Cárdenas.
Guión: José Cano y Marc Nadal.
Director de fotografía: José Luis López.
Música: Carles Cases.
Maquillaje: Tere Afán.
Post-producción Antaviana Films.
Cuadros dibujados por Carmen Capel Romera.


Copyright © 2009 Marc Nadal. All rights reserved.