Where you can’t reach

Director and screenwriter
Short film starring Assumpta Serna, Aida Oset, Silvia Puyol and Carlos Reyes. Produced by Fila 10.7. Directed by Marc Nadal.

The loss of the body

Director and screenwriter
"The loss of the body" reflects the physical and psychological struggle that multiple sclerosis patients suffer daily. Accept the disease, importance to physical exercise and change step by step.

The human mirror

Director and screenwriter
Based on a real story. A 17-year-old girl with social anxiety has hardly any contact with the outside world. Never leaving her home she watches the cruelties being reported on the news every day, bringing her mind closer and closer to the dangerous nature of society.


Director and screenwriter
The lack of jobs leads citizens into an emergency situation that pits them against each other. In the face of violence and injustice citizens like Noe suffer from the absence of effective laws.


Director and screenwriter
In 2014 were produced 189 foreclosures average a day in Spain. 2 oustings every 15 min. This eviction was executed at 17h.

Soft skin, violence in the eyes

Director and screenwriter
Alma bears Duna's abuses because of the attraction she feels for her, until one night when Alma breaks her silence and intends to show that she is capable of inflicting the same pain.

In front of the spider

Director and screenwriter
The small Centaur told to Carolina that before coming to Mount Peace had to traverse the maze of spiders. A small place but full of corridors at the end of which lived a spider, but one that led to the exit.

The kiss which seeks me

Director and screenwriter
Alma regrets not having touched the person she loves, but, perhaps it was better this way, by being together she would have missed the kiss which was seeking her.

Frozen Rose

Director and screenwriter
A short film about the past of time over marriage. He has formed a stable and repetitive life that his wife hates and wants to change. A struggle of resistance that creates terrible situations for both.

Skin and Soul

Director and screenwriter
Two sisters in love. Mar is in love with her older sister Celia and Celia with Mar. How will this affect them?


An adaptation of the surrealist play "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett. A short film in 16 mm, directed by Marc Nadal, director of photography Raúl Soriano.

Hand of Death

Director and screenwriter
Anton escapes from the Death to search the reason of his death, his dead wife Collette appears before him with pieces of his memories, memories that lead to his murderer.


“Where you can’t reach” Best Spain Mental Health Film at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Film Festival (India).

“The Loss of the Body” Best Documentary Award at the 8th edition of the Oriana Awards of the Sant Andreu de la Barca Film Festival (Barcelona)

The loss of the body, a multiple sclerosis documentary.

“Donde no puedes llegar” Special Award Best Actress: Assumpta Serna, in the 10th edition of the International Youth Film Festival “Light to the World” (Russia)

“Donde no puedes llegar” Best Actress Award: Aida Oset, 7th Hendaia Film Festival (France)

“The loss of the body” Projection and Colloquium at Cinema Catalunya.

Explanation of the end of SHUTTER ISLAND | Martin Scorsese Film Analysis.

Alzheimer’s disease short film - Where you can’t reach, starring Assumpta Serna and Aida Oset.

“Where you can’t reach” Best Actress Award: Assumpta Serna, at the 31st Girona Film Festival (Spain)

“Where you can’t reach” Audience Award at the IV FICMA Salamanca 2019 (Spain).

‘Where you can’t reach’ Best Short Film Award at the 18th edition of Imagineindia International Film Festival (Spain).



The loss of the body, a multiple sclerosis documentary.Citizens, human right short films.Where you can’t reach - TrailerSoft skin, violence in the eyesThe human mirror“The kiss which seeks me” TrailerTrailer “Damnation”In front of the spider





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