Marc Nadal » “Where you can’t reach” Audience Award at the IV FICMA Salamanca 2019 (Spain).

“Where you can’t reach” Audience Award at the IV FICMA Salamanca 2019 (Spain).

Where you can’t reach” won the Audience Award at 4th edition of the FICMA International Festival , a festival that took place in Salamanca. This year more than 420 works from 27 countries participated. Thanks to the festival for this recognition !!!

Today concludes two weeks of projections and a parallel cultural program with theater, music, talks and exhibitions, with an important influx of audiences. After the successful participation of previous editions, and the medal awarded by the Lumiere Foundation to the promotion and dissemination of audiovisual culture, this year a new participation record has been broken.
 prize-of-the-public-in-the-iv-ficma-salamanca-2019-marc-nadal-11 The amount of the prizes amounts to 4,000 euros. In addition to the official categories of documentary, animation, fiction and ‘Charrito de Oro’, a special public award has been given for para Where you can’t get there ’; accésits for ‘Stalingrad’, ‘The last ladder,’ ‘Damn German doctor’ and ‘The journey of my life’; and a special mention of the best photography for Arturo Morales with ‘La nine’; best script for Iván Sáinz-Pardo with ‘Tono minor’; and better interpretation for Emilio Gutiérrez Caba with ‘La nine’.
 prize-of-the-public-in-the-iv-ficma-salamanca-2019-marc-nadal-6 The fourth edition of this unique event in Spain, with a filmography designed from the perspective of the elderly 65, has again broken a record of participation, with 428 jobs from 27 countries. In addition, a parallel cultural program with theater, music, talks and exhibitions has been developed for two weeks
 prize-of-the-public-in-the-iv-ficma-salamanca-2019-marc-nadal-16 The municipal councilor stressed that older people are a fundamental part of society, the purest expression of experience and hard work, but they are not usually represented as they are in the movies. Hence the importance of a festival that gives them the prominence they deserve.

 prize-of-the-public-in-the-iv-ficma-salamanca-2019-marc-nadal-10 This is a unique event in Spain that this year was intended to take the cinema to the street, and get the Salamancans to know better a filmography thought from the perspective of people over 65 years. That is why there has been a greater enhancement to the festival, oriented towards the general public and integrating itself into the activity of the city.
 prize-of-the-public-in-the-iv-ficma-salamanca-2019-marc-nadal-17 Among the works received there are works presented by social groups and multi-awarded works at festivals of major short films national. Regarding the themes, both fiction and documentary, fiction and comedy, and also animation works have been received, highlighting the quality of the latter.
 prize-of-the-public-in-the-iv-ficma-salamanca-2019-marc-nadal-9 During the closing ceremony of the festival, organized by the Salamanca City Council and the Federation of Associations of Older people of Salamanca (Famasa) with the collaboration of the University, companies and private entities, an honorary prize was also awarded to actor Pablo Pineda and there were performances by the Monk music and dance school.

A production of Turkana Films.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Starring Assumpta Serna, Aida Oset, Silvia Puyol and Carlos Reyes.
Executive producer: Félix Cárdenas.
Screenplay: José Cano and Marc Nadal.
Director of photography: José Luis López.
Music: Carles Cases.
Post-production Antaviana Films.

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