Marc Nadal » The loss of the body, a multiple sclerosis documentary.

The loss of the body, a multiple sclerosis documentary.

Director and scriptwriter.

A documentary on multiple sclerosis.
Duration: 90 min.
Country: Russia.
Genre: Documentary.
Language: Spanish.
Format: 4K.
Genre: Documentary. Optimism.

We finally make it official! On Thursday 08/11 we released ‘ПОТЕРЯ ТЕЛА (The loss of the body)‘, a documentary about multiple sclerosis that reflects the physical and psychological struggle that patients suffer every day.
However, it is not a film aimed only at those who suffer from the disease, but at those who have concerns or barriers to overcome in their lives, as this is a story of overcoming and optimism in which we follow the lives of two incredible people.
Years ago it was said that no one could overcome multiple sclerosis. What do I do? How do I accept it? These are questions that patients ask themselves throughout the film.
We see the story of an actor who faces a play despite the fact that the symptoms of the disease continue to advance through his body, and the story of another patient who tries to regain control of his body in order to run 1 km.
With the help of a doctor specialized in multiple sclerosis, both patients try to overcome the disease, face the symptoms, depression, etc… in search of positive emotions and create a positive methodology for their lives.
We have decided to publish it for free so that it can reach everyone without the need for a subscription or payment, as the aim of this documentary is to help and spread the word about what it is like to live with this disease.
In addition to the film, you can enjoy the conference: “Multiple Sclerosis and the attitude of overcoming”, a 35-minute video in which doubts about this disease were resolved and in which important foundations participated such as AVAN Foundation: Vallès Amics de la Neurologia Association, GAEM Foundation: Group of People Affected by Multiple Sclerosis and Dr. Javier Sotoca (Mútua Terrassa).
The film was shot with the support of the pharmaceutical company Biocad, and is dedicated to all multiple sclerosis patients and their families.
The people you will see in the documentary are real patients who wanted to collaborate in this project to tell their story. Why did they do it? They decided to participate because when they were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis they felt lonely, and they don’t want that to happen to others. They participated knowing that if you don’t collapse you serve as a guide and a motor for many people.
I wanted to follow two people with MS for a week and see how they cope with the disease. What I found is incredible optimism and courage in both patients, and that is what the documentary reflects. People who are living with the disease while being very active.
Finally I have to thank Cinema Catalunya, Dr. Javier Sotoca, and the FEM, AVAN and GAEM foundations for joining and joining the premiere of “La pérdida del cuerpo” and turning this screening into a meaningful event where information will be shared, and the most worrying issues of this disease will be attacked.
BODY LOSS, documentary film about multiple sclerosis.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Made with the support of BIOCAD company.
Length: 66 min.
Country: Russia.
Genre: Documentary.

The loss of the body Documentary Multiple Sclerosis

The loss of the body Documentary Multiple Sclerosis

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