Marc Nadal » “Damnation” Pepa Lopéz Finalist for the Best Actress Award at the IV CENCOR Short Film Contest (Spain).

“Damnation” Pepa Lopéz Finalist for the Best Actress Award at the IV CENCOR Short Film Contest (Spain).

I am glad to announce that Pepa Lopéz is a Finalist for the Best Actress Award , for her interpretation of Alma in “Damnation”, in the V CENCOR Short Film Contest 2016 , National Competition of Orcasitas short films. The festival takes place on May 28, 2016 in Madrid (Spain) !!

Cencor 2016 Orcasitas

Cencor 2016 Orcasitas

This year we have received some 207 short films, of which we have finally chosen 24 as finalists. The election has been tough and there is still the final decision of the independent jury. But the chosen shorts are wonderful, we have been very sad to leave some out but we have enjoyed watching them all. We want again to thank everyone who has participated!
In this final stretch we can be proud that the CENCOR has grown one more year and has increasingly reached more corners of Spain. We have more people who trust us and who decide to participate in a humble event like ours. As many know, CENCOR is organized by the residents of Orcasitas and funded solely by the Association of Neighbors and local businesses, which we want to thank for giving our support.
Cencor Actrices Finalistas - Pepa Lopez por La Condena

Cencor Actrices Finalistas - Pepa Lopez por La Condena

First of all, thank you for the great reception we received last year in our initiation to this wonderful world of short films. Without each and every one of you this would not have been possible. You gave us the opportunity to meet wonderful people willing to continue working and betting on a culture for and for everyone. Thanks to your work and commitment, we made the Orcasitas neighborhood come back to many.
We live in a moment of great misunderstanding, on the part of the institutions, of the true problems and needs of the citizens, but in Orcasitas one does not live that way. In Orcasitas, the neighbors are not numbers, they are people with names and surnames, with their tastes and preferences when it comes to having fun, sharing and enjoying the culture. Also in that we are different !!!
We understand that it must be now, more than ever, the moment in which we all bet on culture. Understanding this as the perfect framework in which to develop common concerns, weave networks among society and ensure that citizens have channels in which to give their opinions and show the world all the good that human beings are capable of. It is time to hit the table and proclaim to the four winds that the neighborhoods have great things to offer and if the institutions do not offer us quality cultural activities, the social entities will take care of supplying them. Let no one forget that “the neighborhoods are also Madrid” even if they want to refuse us, here we are to fight back with quality culture.
Durante el 2014 se produjeron de media 189 desahucios diarios en España. 2 desahucios cada 15 min. Este desahucio se ejecuto a las 17h.


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