‘Donde no puedes llegar’ Sección Oficial de KinoDUEL International Film Festival (Bielorrusia)

Donde no puedes llegar” forma parte de la Sección Oficial de KinoDUEL International Film Festival, festival que se celebra en el Hotel Belarus de Minsk (Bielorrusia) el 22 de Noviembre del 2019. Felicidades equipo!!
The festival is organized by the Vyatkin Publishing House, which has existed since 2003 and is located in Podolsk, 20 minutes from Moscow. We publish books in author’s gift and leather hand-made bindings, make documentaries, short-length films and presentation videos. The publishing house is a permanent member of international and Russian exhibitions, festivals and forums. Our books as a work of art are in the best libraries of the world, private collections and governmental institutions in Russia.
In 2017, the documentary «My Expedition to Bali», which was presented by the Publishing House, won the NNF International Film Festival in Afula. The film «The Way Begins With a Step» directed by M. Viatkina (director of the publishing house) and E. Pashkanis since 2016 is periodically shown on the SPAS television channel (Russia). The publishing house also participates in organizing charity events, psychological and thematic seminars, meetings with authors, film directors and actors.


Our festival will be the first to select films on the principle of a duel, as in sports. The films have to go through several stages: official selection, semi-final and final. The final will be held as a film battle, which will be evaluated by filmmakers, viewers and the press.
The purpose of the festival is to stimulate young filmmakers for the new cinema, appreciating their work and to acquaint the filmmakers with culture and life of the worlde. We accept all genres of films from all over the world and give the opportunity for new filmmakers to evaluate their films and compete with other famous cinematographers.

We welcome new ideas and forms, a new vision and creativity in all its manifestations. Films do not have to be premieres, but all the premieres will be separately marked by the organizers. The festival will show the best of the presented films.
We will invite all nominees-finalists to the festival. For the finalists we pay for accommodation, meals, excursions and all events of the festival. Each winner will receive a Cup winner, diploma, gifts from sponsors and the main prize Grand Prix - 500 $. Each film that has entered the official selection will receive a certificate. The prize of audience sympathy will be drawn. And at the end of the festival, of course, a buffet table and a photo session.

We invite you to take part in the international educational film festival KinoDUEL International Film Festival. Every year the final of our festival will be held in different countries. Last year the festival was held for the first time at 4 venues in Moscow. Finalists from Germany, Austria, Poland, India, Spain and Russia were able not only to see the capital, but also to make friends. There was a lot of communication, joy, music, workshops, round tables and Goodies. The festival was attended by filmmakers from 39 countries aged 5 to 76 years. Finals-battles in 6 categories were held in a surprisingly warm and friendly atmosphere with the unity of the audience, filmmakers and the press. And funds were directed to the treatment of a child with cerebral palsy Director from Spain, found a producer for children from foster families of the Moscow region and new co-authors, producers and actors.
We aim to bring together people from different countries, of different faiths and ages, who bring kindness and cordiality through their creativity. Together we want to study the history and culture of different countries, empathize and think, learn to be people, evaluate films together and find new friends. This year the final of the contest will be held in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. All events during the festival are free of charge. Master classes, round table, excursions, snacks and prizes from sponsors are provided. And of course a lot of communication, interesting films and finals-battles, where again the audience, filmmakers and the press will vote in the hall. This year the official selection is held monthly. Join us! We are waiting For your films and will be glad to meet you!

Una producción de Turkana Films.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Protagonizado por Assumpta Serna, Aida Oset, Silvia Puyol y Carlos Reyes.
Guión: José Cano y Marc Nadal.
Director de fotografía: José Luis López.
Música: Carles Cases.
Maquillaje: Tere Afán.
Post-producción Antaviana Films.
Cuadros dibujados por Carmen Capel Romera.
Productor ejecutivo: Félix Cárdenas.

Copyright © 2009 Marc Nadal. All rights reserved.