‘Donde no puedes llegar’ Sección Oficial del 3r Ekurhuleni International Film Festival (Sudáfrica).

Donde no puedes llegar” forma parte de la Sección Oficial de Ekurhuleni International Film Festival, festival que se celebra en Sudáfrica del 21 al 23 de Junio. Felicidades equipo!!
The Ekurhuleni International Festival is initiated by Rhythm Cycle Projects. This is done in partnership with the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality: Arts, Culture and Heritage. The purpose of the festival is to empower local and international film makers. This will provide them with vital filmmaking skills; create networking opportunities with local and international broadcasters. This will also promote the local businesses through the film industry and mainstream economic development across a variety of sectors of the economy.
Background The Ekurhuleni International Film Festival was formed as a result of Siyafunda Programme an initiative by Rhythm Cycle Trading Projects in partnership With Ekurhuleni’s Metropolitan Municipality: Department: SRAC: Performing Arts division .The purpose of the Programme is to empower the unemployed youth economically and provide them with vital filmmaking skills.
Promote the local businesses in the film industry and promote Social cohesion and mainstream youth development. Promoting indigenous music and instruments and participation in the arts is one of the key roles of the Programme. The Cinematography wing of the project initiated the Ekurhuleni International Film Festival through one of its partners Rhythm Cycle Projects a local Film & Television film production company. The purpose of the festival is to empower Emerging local and international filmmakers. This will provide filmmaking skills; create networking opportunities with local and international broadcasters. This will also promote the local businesses through the film industry and mainstream economic development across a myriad of sectors of the economy.
Our vision is to ensure that every emerging filmmaker gets a chance to showcase their content.To educate people how our government operates and help them identify what, how they can contribute to boost our economy and get benefits.To develop an advertising medium for SMMEs, Big companies, banks and educational institutions.We also want to create an emerging film industry that will alleviate poverty in rural areas by making films that will tell their stories and attract the international market.To transfer filmmaking skills to the youth out of school and the unemployed.Showcasing South Africa’s storytelling talent and introduce a new generation of characters through film and TV productions is important to us .We would like to establish partnerships with other territories to implement Co-Production Treaties that RSA signed with other countries to grow our local film industry.
Introduce young aspirant filmmakers to filmmaking is important in helping the youth to stay away from bad things such as substance abuse .Educate the people about the world of films and how they are used to change society.Creating networking opportunities for local filmmakers, broadcasters and funders to improve the lives of our filmmakers.Promoting indigenous music will also ensure that musicians also benefit from the film industry.Enrichment of the arts to promote culture and heritage will boost tourism as well. This festival will mainstream youth development and attract broadcasters to buy content for filmmakers to create sustainable jobs and economic opportunities. Theme Our theme is simple and it is just one word: INNOVATION Motivation We encourage filmmakers to come up with innovative concepts and tell unique stories that promote peace and prosperity in their countries. Vision Promote international solidarity and a myriad of opportunities for filmmakers, businesses and broadcasters through film. Our Mission is to create a self sustainable film industry and a new world class breed of filmmakers.
Una producción de Turkana Films.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Protagonizado por Assumpta Serna, Aida Oset, Silvia Puyol y Carlos Reyes.
Guión: José Cano y Marc Nadal.
Director de fotografía: José Luis López.
Música: Carles Cases.
Maquillaje: Tere Afán.
Canción escrita por Aeme Navajas.
Post- producción Antaviana Films.
Cuadros dibujados por Carmen Capel Romera.
Productor ejecutivo: Félix Cárdenas.

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