“El espejo humano” Seleccionado en 3rd Sahar International Short Film Festival 2017 (Reino Unido).

El espejo humano” forma parte de la tercera edición del festival Sahar International Film Festival que tiene lugar en Manchester (Reino Unido), proyectandose el 24 de Junio del 2017 en Millgate Arts Centre, Stoneswood Road.
 sahar-international-short-film-festivalThis is the first year that Sahar International Short Film Festival will be held. The festival was conceived with two objectives. First: to support independent short filmmakers, and second to make audiences familiar with and accustomed to watching and welcoming the world of short film.
Talented filmmakers sometimes if you look at the credit of their film you realise, they are alone in writing, directing, producing, camera and editing their films. Sometimes with no budget or self finance create and produce their own films with the knowledge that their release will not have profit or the public and commercial benefits, not the same as feature movies
Due to this fact, short film has its own restrictions, but these restrictions give them freedom from business to impress and create their artistic content and view. Sometimes some filmmakers think short film is a first step into feature film industry, but I believe the duty of film industry is to recognise short film as its own type. If we look at the television , or cinema we can not find any single TV channel or cinema to emphasize and screen just short films as their own type. As long as industry does not take it seriously we can not expect the ordinary audience to believe and accept it, to spend time and money for it, and the story of producing short filmmakers repeats and repeats and nothing will change without investment in material and culture.
sahar-international-shortSISFF organizers are alone like short filmmakers. We held it with no budget from anywhere. We asked for support from Oldham Council and local funders but all of them refused us. We booked Millgate Arts Centre with our own money, but could only afford this for one screening day. We are grateful for the help of volunteers from the Saddleworth Players theatre group on the day, and filmmaker Aroop Dwivendi for helping develop our logo. But we have a great dream for the future, which is that one day Short film will be recognized the same as feature film in the film industry by investors and audience.
Basado en una historia real. Una joven de 17 años con problemas de sociabilidad vive sin apenas contacto con el exterior, encerrada en casa contempla cada día las crueldades anunciadas en las noticias y su mente se va acercando cada vez más a la peligrosa forma de ser de la sociedad.


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