Nominación Mejor Fotografía por “La condena” en Short of the Month Film Festival.

Recibimos Nominación Mejor Fotografía por “La condena” en el festival Internacional Short of the Month 2015, festival que premia y promueve cortometrajes al rededor del mundo donde recibimos además nominación a:
· Premio Mejor Cortometraje Dramático.
· Nominación Mejor Director.
· Nominación Mejor Personaje Femenino (Pepa López).

Short of the Month El espejo humano

Short of the Month El espejo humano

We, at Short of the Month, aim at bringing out the best short films from around the globe and to present it all on one single platform which is our website.
Short Of the Month’s library has some very remarkable award winning short films from across the globe.
Short of the Month not only presents a short film but also undertakes it’s promotion. Yes, a good film deserves to be seen by as much people as possible. We’ve been keenly indulged in promoting short films, trailers and posters using our personalized advertisement system which runs across the website.
Best Film Drama La condena Marc Nadal

Best Film Drama La condena Marc Nadal

We have awards for the following categories
1) Short of The Month (Best Film Award)*
2) Best Director
3) Best Actor (Male)
4) Best Actor (Female)
5) Best Editing
6) Best Cinematography
7) Best Original Background Score
8 ) Best Social Film
9) Viewers Choice Award (most viewed/liked/shared film on the website)
All the winners name will be listed on our website for lifetime. All the winners will receive a certificate signed by one of our jury members. When it comes to Short films, we don’t follow any set of strict rules. Send us the youtube/vimeo link of your short film. We accept all sorts of short films of any genre in any language.
Durante el 2014 se produjeron de media 189 desahucios diarios en España. 2 desahucios cada 15 min. Este desahucio se ejecuto a las 17h.


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