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Assumpta Serna, Member of Honor of the Catalan Film Academy.

This morning, in an emotional event organized by Acadèmia del Cinema Català, they have named Assumpta Serna as Honorary Member of the Cinema Academy of Cinema for their professional career. A deserved recognition. Congratulations!! ⠀

Assumpta Serna has received 25 international awards for Best Actress for her 227 film performances, starring 27 films and 43 television productions under the orders of prestigious filmmakers. This recognition has a lot to do with his work done from institutions linked to international cinema. Assumpta Serna has represented Spain for six years at the European Film Academy (EFA), organizing the Gala of its Awards at the Forum in Barcelona in 1994.
acte-de-nomenament-dels-membres-dhonor-2019-1Ayer, a parte de disfrutar del acto de nombramiento de los nuevos Miembros de Honor de l’Acadèmia del Cinema Català, nos reunimos de nuevo parte del equipo de ‘Donde no puedes llegar‘. Una alegria reunir parte del equipo en un evento como este, con Assumpta Serna (actriz), Félix Cardenas (producción), José Cano (guionista), José Luis López (fotografía) y Tere Afán (maquilaje).
acte-de-nomenament-dels-membres-dhonor-2019-3Además, cohincidimos de nuevo con Josep M. Queraltó, Jorge S. Bonet y Maria Luisa Pujol, de la Fundación Aula de Cine Colección Josep M. Queraltó.
acte-de-nomenament-dels-membres-dhonor-2019-2The career of Assumpta Serna has been remembered by the playwright, Joan Lluís Bozzo, who has justified this appointment because when he started in the company he directs, Dagoll Dagom, in the 70s “he was always seen that, despite liking the theater, her career and her heart pushed her towards the cinema “and she has done so for 40 years.
Along with Serna there have been five other people who have become Members of Honor: the actress Carme Elias; the director, screenwriter and producer Jordi Cadena; the director and actor Hermann Bonnín; the filmmaker Elena Jaumandreu and the businessman of the Catalan film industry, Pere Sallent.

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