“Ciudadanos” Sección Oficial de Ipas International Film Festival (Grecia).

Ciudadanos” forma parte de la Sección Oficial de “Ipas, Independent Political and Activism Short Film Festival, que se realizará del 6 al 9 de abril en Grecia.
i.P.A.S. Film Festival is the first political and activism short film festival in Greece. It was created because we believe in the important role of art in the social and political incidents worldwide. Also of the need for political expression through film, besides it is the sign of our times “the need to change”.
Held in Athens which has been the centre of attention through the last economic crisis we will showcase your work with audiences and artists that have a more up to the point perspective. Within our festival there will be discussions, events and opinion sharing with other activist filmmakers and audiences that take a stand. Also there is a student section for a more greater perspective , as young film makers will be able to express there point of view to this ever lasting crisis for it affects their future as it affects as all! Above all we do not applaud being “politically correct ” but stating your point , any point, left or right and sharing your view with the world.Through this we can tear down walls and open ways of communication through the art of cinema.
Our goal is not only to show great works of talented artists but for this festival to trigger a discussion for the global economic crisis and the social problems that it provokes.
The need to be active and be involved is the spirit of this festival.
La falta de trabajo lleva a los ciudadanos a una situación de emergencia, enfrentándoles unos contra otros, obligándoles a despertar su propio egoísmo para conseguir su supervivencia. Ante la violencia y la injusticia ciudadanos como Noe sufren la ausencia de leyes efectivas.


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