“Ciudadanos” Sección Oficial de la 4ª edición de MOVIEPARK Film Festival.

Ciudadanos” forma parte de la Sección Oficial de la 4ª edición de MOVIEPARK Film Festival, proyectándose el 5 de abril.
The 4th Edition of the Action&Adventure Film Festival Movie Park. Speed… Action… Adrenaline… Fights… Adventures… Pirates… Cowboys… Gangsta… Extreme… Racing… Fear… Indie Movies which are full of actions, adventures, horrors, and thrillers are welcome at our Festival. Park your movie at the Movie Park International Film Festival and get the most out of it.
The main value of our festival is the opportunity for filmmakers to instantly get in touch with spectators, colleagues, market professionals, and fans to let the World know about them. The Festival is a private invitation-only event with online access. The Screening Room has 1500 seats which you can comfortably attend online from all over the globe. Our followers will receive information about the selected films on social media and through websites. You will meet and enjoy watching many new independent films.
ciudadanos-moviepark-2You can meet and talk to filmmakers., pros, fans, and other attendees directly in the Screening Room. You can learn from other filmmakers and share your experience. You will enjoy a unique atmosphere. Friendship and positive feelings only! If you wish to be eligible for multiple awards you have to submit to several categories. All projects must be in English or have English subtitles.
They are distribution companies, TV broadcasting companies, Internet channels, production companies, film festivals, award-winner filmmakers and film lovers. Make your filmmaker’s World with The Fresh Stream Experimental Film Festival!
La falta de trabajo lleva a los ciudadanos a una situación de emergencia, enfrentándoles unos contra otros, obligándoles a despertar su propio egoísmo para conseguir su supervivencia. Ante la violencia y la injusticia ciudadanos como Noe sufren la ausencia de leyes efectivas.


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