Estreno de ‘La pérdida del cuerpo’ en Ekaterinburgo.

El 14 de septiembre estrenaremos un avance de ‘La pérdida del cuerpo‘, una hora del documental que será proyectado durante el tercer congreso RUCTRIMS: «MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND OTHER DEMYELINATING DISEASES», prestigioso congreso de medicina e investigación centrado en el tratamiento de la esclerosis múltiple que se celebra en Ekaterinburgo.
la-perdida-del-cuerpo-documental-marc-nadal-esclerosis-multiple-v2The scientific programme is organised by RUCTRIMS Executive Committee with the participation of Regional Public Organization of Disabled People “Human Health”.
At the 14-16 of September, 2018 in Ekaterinburg, the third RUCTRIMS Congress on Multiple Sclerosis and other Demyelinating Diseases will be organized. There has been significant progress in understanding of the etiology and pathogenetic mechanisms of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other demyelinating diseases. Achievements of Experimental Neurology, Neurophysiology, Clinical Immunology and Genetics, standardization of diagnostic criterias, active implementation in everyday practice highly informative instrumental methods of examination of patients, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the accumulation and systematization of the vast clinical experience, have opened a new era in the treatment of this chronic disease of the young adults, significantly improve the prognosis and the quality of life of patients. Expanded number of treatments that modify the course of multiple sclerosis (DMT) have now new first and second-line DMTs.
Actively introduced biosimilars of original products increased the availability of this long term treatment. There are new ways of symptomatic treatment and rehabilitation. The decision to hold the third All-Russian Congress with international participation on MS and other demyelinating diseases was supported by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, and this event is one of the most significant scientific and practical activities carried out in accordance with the plan of the Ministry of Health in 2018. The Congress will include the European Charcot Foundation Symposium and the joint symposium with the MS Patients Society of Russia (MSPSR). Conducting this Congress will improve the quality of specialized medical care for a large group of patients with MS. The Congress will be attended by more than 500 delegates and guests from all regions of the Russian Federation, experts in MS from Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and other regions. In the name and on behalf of the Presidium of the Board of the All-Russian Society of Neurologists we invite you to take part in the third RUCTRIMS Congress.
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