“La pérdida del cuerpo” y “Donde no puedes llegar” Sección Oficial Indie For You Film Festival.

La pérdida del cuerpo” y “Donde no puedes llegar” forma parte de la Sección Oficial de Indie For You Film Festival.
83424001_2477660215832520_6375787708626763776_nIndie For You Film Festival is dedicated to all genres of independent films.
There is no restriction on the production date and duration.
All projects must be in English or have English subtitles.
The selected films may be published before the Event Dates after the festival jury selection decision.
Awards & Prizes:
Cash Prizes (the fund is 25% of the received submission fees, we publish the prize sum on the festival page). The Best Film Award Winner, Audience Award Winner, and the Fan Award Winner received ⅓ of this Fund after the event each.
The Category Awards (includes the Best Film Award). The Festival Jury determines the winners of the festival categories.
The Audience Award. The film receiving the most votes among the viewers on the festival page during the event receives the Audience Award.
The Fan Award. The film receiving the most votes in social media special post receives the Fan Award.
All the winners receive the Award signs, Laurels and Certificates by email.
The winners may get other valued prizes such as discounts, distribution and collaboration offers, etc.
LA PÉRDIDA DEL CUERPO, largometraje documental sobre la esclerosis múltiple.
Realizado con el apoyo de la compañía BIOCAD.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Duración: 90 min.
País: Rusia.
Género: Documental.


Copyright © 2009 Marc Nadal. All rights reserved.