“La perdida del cuerpo” Sección Oficial de BIFF 17th Annual Beloit International Film Festival (Estados Unidos).

“La perdida del cuerpo” forma parte de la Sección Oficial de BIFF 17th Annual Beloit International Film Festival, que se realiza en la ciudad de Wisconsin. La proyección se llevará a cabo el 2 y 5 de Marzo del 2022.
la-perdida-del-cuerpo-marc-nadal-681BIFF, building a community of independent filmmakers exhibiting their creative expression with audiences who appreciate the art form. All this in the remerging, lively and welcoming traditional downtown of Beloit Wisconsin.

BIFF is a ten-day tribute to the power of film and the excitement of independent film from around the world. Local residents and visitors from across the nation fill venues, ranging in size from 40 to 400 seats for more than 100 films, and to meet scores of filmmakers who come from throughout the U.S. and as far away as Europe, Asia and Latin America.

BIFF celebrates filmmakers in all genres—features, documentaries, shorts— who enjoy the Beloit setting as much as the attendees do. BIFF promises crowds of interested viewers filling venues, questioning them at the films, and stopping them on the street to talk about their shared passions and projects in independent filmmaking.

LA PÉRDIDA DEL CUERPO, largometraje documental sobre la esclerosis múltiple.
Realizado con el apoyo de la compañía BIOCAD.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Duración: 90 min.
País: Rusia.
Género: Documental.


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