Marc Nadal » ‘My love’ scene.

‘My love’ scene.

Marc Nadal Actors Direction Practice played by Gemma Utset and Lluís Barrera. Based on the text of the film “Mon roi” by Maïwenn Le Besco, 2015.
Sara wants a divorce, it is clear and she has already made a plan for her daughter. The important thing is to see if he dares to tell John and if his decision is firm or fragile. John always appeals to her feelings, to emotional blackmail. John has an advantage over Sara, because she loves him, allows her many things, too many. It’s always easy to get what you want from Sara. He knows how to retain it despite everything. He knows how to read it. He knows how to relax the pressure.
She is a lawyer, earns money, has taken several cases of divorce, distribution of goods, etc … She is used to see how love ends in other couples, to listen to the reasons why they separate, to see the unhappiness of being With someone toxic. One of the greatest lessons Sara has taken thanks to this work is that people do not change, and if you have a problem with your partner it is best to walk away before it consumes you.

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