Marc Nadal » “Where you can’t reach” Monday 7th September in Curtcircuit33.

“Where you can’t reach” Monday 7th September in Curtcircuit33.

This Monday September 7th, “Where you can’t get to” will be broadcasted on Channel 33 (CURTCIRCUIT Taller) at 23:20h, in a double session that will broadcast two programs, a total of 9 short films!
curtcircuit33“Curtcircuit 33″ periodically offers special selections of short films linked to the main film festivals held in Catalonia.
Curtcircuit Taller is a window open to the productions of students from the film and audiovisual schools of Catalonia, such as EMAV, ECIB, CINENACCIÓN, BANDE À PART, ESCUELA DE ARTE Y DISEÑO PAZ GARGALLO, BLANQUERNA, etc., and from productions of independent Catalan short filmmakers. Fiction, animation, documentary and new arts and visual effects, 33!

Dilluns 7 de setembre, a les 23.20 hores, sessió doble a CURTCIRCUIT Taller, dos programes, 9 curtmetratges!

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Curtcircuit Taller

CURTCIRCUIT Taller, on July 27th at 11.30 pm, the cinema dels joves talents catalans al 33

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