Marc Nadal » “Where you can’t reach” Best Foreign Language Film Award at the VI Samara Short Film Festival Independent Film Festival 70/30 (Russia).

“Where you can’t reach” Best Foreign Language Film Award at the VI Samara Short Film Festival Independent Film Festival 70/30 (Russia).

Where you can’t reach” has won the Best Foreign Language Film Award at the VI Independent Film Festival Samara Short Film Festival 70/30 (Russia), where short films by Rossini, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Spain were presented. In total, more than 100 works from eight countries struggled to enter the festival program.
festival-de-cine-independiente-samara-short-film-festival-2The president of the jury, cameraman and television director, Anton Stelling, shared his impressions about the festival: “I think that the Sixth Film Festival has been a breakthrough, a qualitative and quantitative advance. We were not prepared for so many jobs submitted. 88 applications were received for the main competition, 26 (in Samara, and this was a lot). On the other hand, I liked this, because there was an opportunity to really choose the best of the best. We have a reputable jury, not a single year have we been working together. We try to select the most interesting works. ”

The VI Open Independent Film Festival “70/30″ was held at the Khudozhestvenny cinema, in September 2019 in Russia. On September 7, the “Artistic” Russian Cinema Center, named after T.A. Ivanova, was the headquarters of the VI Samara Independent Film Festival “70/30″.
The festival was organized by the film studio ANGAR 77 (director Andrey Anatolyevich Khor), the advertising agency (artistic director Alexander A. Ovchinnikov), as well as the Agency for Sociocultural Technologies.
festival-de-cine-independiente-samara-short-film-festival-1This year, the honorary guest of the film festival was the producer, general director of the HHG film company, professor of the script writing department of the Moscow Film School, member of the CCTSS (China) Vladislav Pasternak. Vladislav is the producer of the films “Close” and “Censor”, as well as more than 70 feature films, documentaries and animated short films. At the Samara Film Festival 70/30, he will share his experience with Samara filmmakers on how to take a step from partisan movie production to big-budget movies. “The 70/30 festival is an important phenomenon, it is very good that such festivals take place,” said Vladislav Pastrenak. - The forum was focused on regional cinema. This, in my opinion, is the most important reason why such film festivals should be held, since Russia is a large country that has more cities besides Moscow and St. Petersburg. I think that Russian cinema can be produced anywhere, in any city in Russia, by the forces of enthusiasts. ”
festival-de-cine-independiente-samara-short-film-festival-8Among the many participants in the event that met at the Khudozhestvennoy cinema were representatives of the most remote regions of Russia. The representative of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the director, actor and poet Alexander Yatsutsiuk shared his views on the pros and cons of low-budget independent cinema: “I filmed a movie in the city of Aldan, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). For 20 years I practically did not live in Yakutia, when I was a teenager I went to Moscow, I studied acting at GITIS, then I went to direct. And he broke through, starred in 50 movies and series, all episodic roles. Once I arrived in my hometown and went to the theater. He told me: “Well, try it, stay with us.” And I stayed I decided to start making a movie myself. There is only one problem: lack of assistance and financing. Although I would not say that this is a problem. Suppose they give you money to shoot a movie. As soon as someone finds out about this, everyone wants to get from you, so there is no such free creation.”
festival-de-cine-independiente-samara-short-film-festival-16As part of the program, the Samara 70/30 Film Festival organized a forum entitled “Regional cinema: cases of the cities of the Volga region”. Its participants were filmmakers from Samara, Saratov, Volgograd, Yakutia. Amateur creators and experienced teachers shared their experiences according to sources. The financing of film production in these regions and details of regional distribution were discussed. In addition, Vladislav held a master class for the guests of the festival.
festival-de-cine-independiente-samara-short-film-festival-12The jury evaluated the films of the contestants in two programs: the main competition (non-resident directors) and Samara (local authors).
Основная программа
Лучший фильм – «Свидетель», реж. Антон Момот (Санкт-Петербург)
Лучший режиссер – «Свидетель», реж. Антон Момот (Санкт-Петербург)
Лучший сценарий – Игорь Малиновский, Алексей Роговой, Анатолий Сясько, «Груз», реж. Игорь Малиновский, Алексей Роговой (Мурманск)
Лучшая операторская работа – Иван Жербин, «Случай на дороге», реж. Эвелина Барсегян (Санкт-Петербург)
Лучший монтаж – Александр Павлов, «Эта жизнь», реж. Нина Ведьмицкая (Москва)
Лучшая мужская роль – Федор Климов, «Свидетель», реж. Антон Момот (Санкт-Петербург)
Лучшая женская – Изабелла Лень, «Давай спать вместе», реж. Александр Яцентюк (Алдан, Якутия)
Лучшая комедия – «Вегетарианка», реж. Алексей Зотов (Москва)
Приз за оригинальность и лаконизм – «Фотофильм», реж. Рауль Гейдаров (Москва)
Приз за актуальность темы – «Де -Юре Де –Факто», реж. Анастасия Чагочкина (Сочи)
Приз за нестандартный подход к проблеме экологии - «За», реж. Андрей Буянов (Санкт-Петербург)
Лучший фантастический фильм - Oxygen, реж. Сергей Свистов (Воронеж)
Приз за атмосферность - «Чистота Белой Ночи», реж. Олег Романцов (Санкт-Петербург)
Лучший фильм на иностранном языке - Donde no puedes llegar (Where you can’t reach), реж. Marc Nadal (Barselona)
Main program
The best movie is Witness, dir. Anton Momot (St. Petersburg)
The best director - “Witness”, dir. Anton Momot (St. Petersburg)
The best scenario: Igor Malinovsky, Alexey Rogovoy, Anatoly Syasko, “Cargo”, dir. Igor Malinovsky, Alexey Rogovoy (Murmansk)
The best camera job: Ivan Zherbin, “Case on the Road”, dir. Evelina Barseghyan (St. Petersburg)
The best edition - Alexander Pavlov, “This Life”, dir. Nina Vedmitskaya (Moscow)
Best male role - Fedor Klimov, “Witness”, dir. Anton Momot (St. Petersburg)
Best female role - Isabella Sloth, “Let’s sleep together”, dir. Alexander Yatsenyuk (Aldan, Yakutia)
Best comedy: vegetarian, dir. Alexey Zotov (Moscow)
Award for originality and laconicism - “Photofilm”, dir. Raul Heydarov (Moscow)
Award for the relevance of the subject - “De-Jure De-Facto”, dir. Anastasia Chagochkina (Sochi)
Award for a non-standard approach to the problem of ecology - “For”, dir. Andrey Buyanov (St. Petersburg)
Best science fiction movie - Oxygen, dir. Sergey Svistov (Voronezh)
Atmospheric Award - “White Night Cleanliness”, dir. Oleg Romantsov (St. Petersburg)
Foreign Language Film Award - Where you can’t reach (dir. Where you can’t reach), dir. Marc Nadal (Barselona)



Una producción de Turkana Films.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Protagonizado por Assumpta Serna, Aida Oset, Silvia Puyol y Carlos Reyes.
Productor ejecutivo: Félix Cárdenas.
Guión: José Cano y Marc Nadal.
Director de fotografía: José Luis López.
Música: Carles Cases.
Maquillaje: Tere Afán.
Post-producción Antaviana Films.


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