Marc Nadal » Around the world with ‘Damnation’.

Around the world with ‘Damnation’.

Pepa Lopéz and Gal Soler are the actors of ‘Damnation‘, a social-themed short film that has been released online after being present in more than < strong> 144 international festivals . Thanks to the team for making it possible and to the festivals that disseminate this type of social themed short films.
A story that reflects a real event in Spain during the crisis in 2014, evictions are multiplied by tax increases and vulture funds, affecting families struggling to maintain dignity as well as their homes; This short film tries to give visibility to the story of two elders who were forced into eviction.
We are in a reality in Spain where evictions occur daily, families are left homeless, police charges are carried out against citizens, the economic crisis remains unsolved and political decisions generate violence that reaches the streets.
Free distribution
‘The conviction’ is 7 minutes long. Since it opened in front of the public three years ago, the short film has continued to be screened in a variety of large and small festivals to this day. After having achieved a series of national and international awards, we are betting on free distribution to offer it to all viewers for free.
“Damnation” short film written and directed by Marc Nadal.
Starring Pepa López and Gal Soler.
Assistant director: Maria Riera Peris.
Makeup: Marina Rosón
Year: 2015. Genre: Social Drama. Real facts.
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Based on a true story. During 2014 there were an average of 189 daily evictions in Spain. 2 evictions every 15 min. This eviction was executed at 5pm.
In front of the camera are the actors: Pepa López playing Alma, along with Gal Soler playing Jesus.
Pepa López has worked in films, television and theater, has been awarded prizes such as Grand Prix Corallo Citta di Alguhero, for her career as an actress (2006); Prize for the best actress of the Salerno and Alghero Film Festival (2005), for the TV movie False culprit; Margarita Xirgu Memorial Prize (2004), for Cançons dedicated; Armchair Award for Best Theater Actress (2002), for her performance in Cara de Foc; Prize of the theater critic of Barcelona to the best theater actress of the 2000 season, for the interpretation of Emi in Por menjar-se anima and Tirant Prize 1998 in the best leading film actress for the subjudice interpretation.
Gal Soler is known for his work on a multitude of television series such as The Secret of Old Bridge, Isabel, Gran Reserva, Aguila Roja, La Riera … movies like Garum, La Ciutat Cremada, Victoria and QuíaM and plays such as Yerma, Canigó, Fedra, Divine Words, Antigone and The Children of the Sun, among other works.

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