Marc Nadal » The human mirror

The human mirror


Short film.
Genre: Drama, Terror.
Director: Marc Nadal
Starring Anna Castillo, Silvia Sabaté and Txema Lorente.

Today we released “The human mirror” a short film winner of 12 awards and selected in more than 120 international festivals, starring Anna Castillo (“El olivo”, “Promoción fantasma” and “Blog”) , Sílvia Sabaté ( “Cruzando el limite” , “Hospital Central”) and Txema Lorente ( “La Última Resistencia”, “Mayombe , Paula ?” ), written and directed by Marc Nadal.

“The human mirror” is based on a true story about a 17 years old with sociability problems who sees each day the cruelties announced in the news and his mind is getting closer and closer to the dangerous lifestyle of society.

La actriz Anna Castillo en El espejo humano

La actriz Anna Castillo en El espejo humano

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