Marc Nadal » “The loss of the body” Official Section of the BCT Festival Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione (Italy)

“The loss of the body” Official Section of the BCT Festival Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione (Italy)

La pérdida del cuerpo” forms part of the Sección Oficial de la cuarta edición of the BCT National Film and Television Festival, in the category “GREATEST INDEPENDENT FILM COMPETITION”, festival that will be held in the city of Benevento from 7 to 12 July 2020.
The National Film and Television Festival is the first and only event in Italy to unite, within the same event, the world of cinema and television, through film premieres, previews of television series, meetings, screenings, competitions, masterclasses, shows, concerts, interviews and debates open to the public and spectators. A unique event on the national territory, able to combine the various forms of communication through Italian and international film and television protagonists.
A Festival that has anticipated the times with respect to traditional film events, uniting two sectors that in the past were distinct and separate but today, more than ever, united by a thin thread that the BCT wanted to connect in the various forms of storytelling that the new audiovisual market requires on a par with the public. Cinema, TV (and music) in a single event. A whirlwind of emotions offered to the public by a Festival that in 6 days alternates events distinguished by type and destination. Cinema and TV, from generalist to seriality, which are confirmed as the focal points of the Kermesse that intercepts in a transversal way different generations involved in meetings with the protagonists who tell and represent the history of the small and big screen.
The variegated nature of the Festival allows, in fact, to intercept any category of audience, both from anagraphic and cultural point of view, ranging from great authors to popular cinema, from TV series to small generalist screen, from traditional cinema to big international guests up to the TV series to which the Festival dedicates total attention and space.
A space, of talents and young people, of established directors and students, distributed, moreover, in the five competitive sections, expression of the Festival’s competitions: “Sentieri” for films recognized as being of cultural interest by Mibact - Direzione Cinema, “Greatest Indipendent Film” for Italian and international feature films produced by independent companies, “Short Film” for national and foreign short films made by young people under 35 years of age, “Io Esisto” for short films made by primary and secondary schools in Italy and “Laboratorio Format” for those under 35 for the creation of new formats for the television market.

The Festival avails itself of the participation and collaboration of some of the most important figures in the film and television world. President of the jury of the competitions, since 2018 Honorary Director of the Festival, is Nicola Giuliano, film producer and founder of Indigo Film, winner of the Oscar for Paolo Sorrentino’s film “La Grande Bellezza” after having produced feature films of indisputable value from “Il Divo” with Toni Servillo to “This Must be the Place” with Sean Penn. Indigo Film and the Italian International Film, by Fulvio and Federica Lucisano, have been supporting the Festival from day one.
The Festival is realized thanks to the contribution and support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities - Cinema Directorate, Campania Region and the General Directorate for Cultural Policies and Tourism, the Istituto Luce, the University of Sannio, the Chamber of Commerce of Benevento and the Municipality of Benevento.
The Festival, followed every year by all the national and sector press, includes among its media partners: FOX, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, VISION DISTRIBUTION, RAI MOVIE, RAI PREMIUM, RAI RADIO2, DISCOVERY ITALY, CHILI AND THE HOT CORN.
The next edition of the Festival, scheduled from July 7 to 12, 2020, will maintain the same winning structure used until now, dealing with cinema and television through meetings with the protagonists, preview screenings of films and television series, screenings of works in competition and out of competition, masterclasses, debates, concerts, theatrical performances and appointments with operators and professionals.
In each edition there are over 70 guests involved, over 200 screenings and more than 100 events in 6 days. All the events, in every single edition of the Festival, have always been SOLD OUT.
LA PÉRDIDA DEL CUERPO, largometraje documental sobre la esclerosis múltiple.
Realizado con el apoyo de la compañía BIOCAD.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Duration: 90 min.
País: Rusia.
Género: Documental.

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