Marc Nadal » “The Loss of the Body” Official Section of the IV International Film Festival “Alternative Film Territory” (Russia).

“The Loss of the Body” Official Section of the IV International Film Festival “Alternative Film Territory” (Russia).

We are happy to announce that “Loss of Body” is part of the Official Selection of the IV International Film Festival “Alternative Film Territory”. The award ceremony will take place on December 23rd in St. Petersburg. The event will start at 18:00.
international-film-festival-alternative-film-territory-5“Alternative Territory of Cinema” is the annual international online film festival specializing in alternative films. This is a platform that allows independent filmmakers to show their creativity, find their audience and get an evaluation from a competent jury. We do not distinguish between classic and auteur cinema. After all, the main thing is that the film resonates with the hearts of the audience. To participate in the competition, students from specialized universities participate, as well as independent authors, regardless of the education of the profile. The aim of the festival is to bring together talented people with initiative.
Nominations and awards :
According to the results of the jury meeting, the winners are determined in the following categories:
- Film Festival Grand Prize
- Best Short Film
- Best documentary short film
- Best Cartoon Film
- Best Music Video
- Best Script
- Director’s Best Work
- Best camera work
A prize decided by the public is also provided.
BODY LOSS>/strong>, documentary film about multiple sclerosis.
Made with the support of BIOCAD company.
Director: Marc Nadal.
Length: 90 min.
Country: Russia.
Genre: Documentary.

Multiple sclerosis is the main theme of “The loss of the body”, a documentary directed by Marc Nadal that reflects the physical and psychological struggle that multiple sclerosis patients suffer every day. It is necessary to accept the disease, to fight it giving importance to physical exercise and to the attitude of overcoming, to change step by step.
What do I do? How do I accept it? These are questions that both patients ask themselves throughout the film. Years ago it was said that nobody could overcome multiple sclerosis.

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